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The RCA Type BK-11A Velocity micro­phone, as shown above, is a dependable, bi-directional micro­phone, specially designed for AM, FM, and TV studio use where a micro­phone of highest quality reproduction is desired. The BK-11A is constructed to withstand mechanical shocks and to retain its sensitivity and frequency response regard. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for RCA Bk-11 Vintage Ribbon Microphone at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

2015-10-15 · Resto-Mod Mics show off the RCA BK-11 resto modded ribbon microphone. Resto-Mod Mics show off the RCA BK-11 resto modded ribbon microphone. Skip navigation Sign in. Hi there! I'm searching THE preamp for RCA BK-11 to record mainly vocals male. My budget is around 500-2500USD. What do you think? I was going to get RCA 44a first, but I found this BK-11 to be the sound I've been looking for for vocals.more detailed than 44a I guess.

2012-05-28 · RCA BK-11 & RCA 74B ribbon mic shootout. How to create a 3D Terrain with Google Maps and height maps in Photoshop - 3D Map Generator Terrain RCA BK11. Title. RCA BK11. Subject. Microphones. Description. This is an RCA ribbon/velocity microphone with a bi-directional polar response that was manufactured circa 1960. Creator. Radio Corporation of America RCA Source. James Steele Vintage Broadcast Microphone Collection. Date. c 1960. Contributor. rah. Relation. 2019-12-13 · Rca bk11 a ribbon microphone. Signature will be required for any item over I cannot devalue items international shipping, because the needs to fully insured in case of loss or damage shipping. Buyer pays for return shipping any returned item, unless other arrangements are made.

Five Classic RCA Ribbon Microphones. by Mike Dorrough, KO6NM, and Gary Halverson, WA9MZU. Why Ribbon? Considered by many as the most natural-sounding microphone ever made, ribbon mics were immediately embraced by the broadcast and recording industries.

List of recording equipment used at Primary Sound Studios. Microphones Ribbons Coles 4038 3 Royer R121 2 RCA BK11 2 Beyerdynamic M160 2 Beyerdynamic M500 2 Large Diaphragm Condenser. 2013-02-02 · Talking Dog Transducer Company 2112 N. Dragoon Street, 13 Tucson, Arizona [ 85745 ] Phone: 520 409-4189 day or evening Send e-mail & Paypal transfers to bk11@ or varacoustic@. This site hosted by Thunder Network Technologies. To take full advantage of an RCA BK-11, while on a tight budget, what mic preamp would you pick for mostly male spoken voice and possibly the occasiona.

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